What is Shilajit?

Here’s what you need to know about this extraordinary substance

Shilajit is a substance that is extracted from crevices within the mountains. It is mainly found in the peaks of the Himalayas and is made from a series of natural processes that occur over thousands of years. Although it was originally found in India and Tibet, it has now been discovered in mountain ranges across the world.

When plants and organic minerals decompose and undergo a series of changes deep under the rocks of the mountains, they form a substance known as Shilajit. Once the substance is accessible on the surface of these mountain ranges, it is collected and used for medicinal purposes.

This practice has been a part of ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

A brief history of Shilajit

If you start researching this unique substance, you will discover that it has been part of ancient literature for over 5000 years. Philosophers, healers, and scientists from ancient India, and later on, from Europe and other parts of the West wrote about its amazing healing properties.

What does Shilajit look like?

In its original form, Shilajit is a black, sticky, semi-liquid substance. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘shilajatu,’ which means ‘rock-tar,’ as that is what it resembles in its natural form. However, when it is ready for use, it is usually in the form of a powder or supplement that you can dissolve in water.

Because it can be found in various mountain ranges, the color of the resin can differ. It can sometimes be a deep shade of amber, brown, or black.

What is Shilajit made of?

Among the many Shilajit benefits that we know of today, one of the primary benefits is that it is a plant-based substance. It is made from the decomposition of plants through the action of microorganisms, which makes it all the more easily absorbable by our bodies.

It consists of trace minerals, organic humic acid, fulvic acid, and nutrients. These are full of antioxidant properties and are soluble in water, which makes Shilajit supplements so easy to consume.

When this organic matter remains under the rocks of the mountains for thousands of years, the temperature changes, as well as the weight of the rocks, transforms the matter in the Shilajit that we are familiar with.

Because of its plant-based origins, it is a safe, vegan supplement.

How do we get access to Shilajit?

In the warmer seasons, the Shilajit that has been trapped between the rocks of mountains starts to seep out and make its way down the mountainside. In the past, practitioners of ayurvedic medicine would climb the mountains and harvest the Shilajit by hand.

Now, we harvest the Shilajit, refine, and package it in its purest and most effective form for you to consume. Unlike other mineral substances found in the mountain peaks, Shilajit is potent and is understood by the locals as being the cure for hundreds of ailments.

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