Fulvic Minerals in Shilajit and How They Help
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Written by Hilasti Team
Published March 12, 2021
Published March 12, 2021
Written by Hilasti Team
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If you are looking to improve your wellbeing and health, you will have most likely heard about Fulvic minerals in Shilajit. These trace minerals are designed to help us function in everyday life, but a lot of people don’t have proper knowledge of them to make use of natural minerals.

Today, we will learn more about Fulvic minerals in Shilajit and how they help.

What Are Fulvic Minerals?

Fulvic minerals contain ionic trace mineral deposits that contain Fulvic acid. The mineral particles in the compound are charged and designed in such a way that they are perfect for cellular absorption. It’s not the same as clay or rock minerals since it has a very different structure. But this doesn’t mean that the Fulvic minerals weren’t part of the clay, rock, or sediment structures since they are made of such organic matter.

They are made over centuries from organic acids, pressure, heat, erosion, and time that turn soil organisms into these bare mineral compounds.

What Do Fulvic Minerals in Shilajit Do?

Living organisms rely on trace minerals in order to function properly. The Fulvic mineral ions play an important role in biological processes and chemical reactions, such as basic nutrient absorption into the body.

Since most mineral particles are free-floating, uncharged, or otherwise large in size, it is difficult to absorb them into the body. Even if they are absorbed, it is usually at the cost of other nutrients or damage to the cellular structure of the minerals. Fulvic minerals, on the other hand, are the perfect size for easy absorption into the body.

Since Fulvic minerals are bound to the Fulvic acid and are iconic, it has many benefits on the body. Fulvic minerals in Shilajit can help speed the repair of wounds and boost the immune system. They are also known to facilitate the absorption of other critical nutrients and minerals too.

Why You Should Take Fulvic Minerals in Shilajit?

The generations before us had a healthy dose of Fulvic acid in their diets since food crops were grown in soil that was rich in Fulvic minerals. But modern farming techniques and methods have changed. The soils are reused every year for crop production, but they have faced severe depletion of both Fulvic acid and minerals. This is why people are leaning more towards the Shilajit supplement for their necessary intake of Fulvic minerals.

Fulvic minerals in Shilajit are designed to be one of the best sources of nutrients for living organisms since they are extracted from pure sources and boost daily functions and overall health. 

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